Puifon Luong
Studying BA Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts, London. Everything posted here belongs to me unless stated otherwise.

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New Website

I have a new website: www.puifonluong.com will posting more regularly there than over here.

Some sound wave drawings I did using illustrator, drawing over the photos from my experiments. The first set of patterns were from the speakers and the second set were from tapping the balloon surface of the can like a drum. 

Some cool patterns form when you ‘cough’ into the can.

Laser Sound Waves from Puifon on Vimeo.

A video of the ‘sound visualisations’. I was quite close to the speaker when I filmed this so the sound quality is a bit off.


A gif of the ‘sound visualisation’ made from the speakers.

This time I decided to stick the mirror/CD on a speaker whilst music was playing out, the vibrations were much stronger and created different patterns and larger shapes.

Some screen captures from the video. 

A short video of the ‘sound waves’ made from my voice.